Integral Marketing solicits business for its manufacturers in the Department of Defense, Governmental Agencies as well as the Government’s Prime , Contractors, and System Integrators, and Commercial Corporations.  Our geographical territory is the Mid-Atlantic region to include Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Washington D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Long Island, and New York City.

Areas Of Product Expertise 

  • Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning
  •  Data Recording and Storage
  • Fight Test, Space, and Ground Station Telemetry
  • Video Compression and Scan Conversion
  • Precise Time and Frequency Distribution
  • Complete Satellite Ground Station Hardware for TT & C and High Data Rate Processing Systems
  • Rugged Power Products and UPS Systems
  • Tracking Antenna Systems
  •  Rugged Computers and Displays
  • Electronic Packaging


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  •  Acumentrics UPSs, Portable Power Systems, Power Conditioners, Inverters, PDUs and other trusted power solutions.   


  •  Acumentrics, Inc., headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts, has been a trusted market leader in RUPS™ (rugged AC and DC uninterruptible  power sources) for harsh and combat environments as well as heavy-duty industrial applications, since 1994.  RUPS™ products provide clean power conditioning and battery backup when reliability is mission-critical. Acumentrics,  is a preferred supplier of US-made power electronics to many of the world’s largest prime defense contractors. 


  • Acumentrics MIL STD Certified Power Systems provide clean AC or DC power supply in harsh environments, including MIL STD 810G for dust, rain, wind, heat, cold, vibration, and shock and blowing sand along with MIL STD 461 for conducted and radiated emissions. Our full line of power systems are trusted worldwide in both military and industrial applications.   


  • Acumentrics has an extensive portfolio of rugged power solutions (from 100W and 10 kW) including Rugged-UPS™, power conditioners, inverters, portable power systems, small form factor UPSs, PDU  and other power accessories, that can be mounted in 19″ cabinets, transit cases, vehicles and FAA overhead compartment roller cases to support the various use cases.   


  • Acumentrics technology is based on over 25 years of experience in delivering trusted, reliable and rugged back up power solutions to military, industrial and medical applications.






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  • GDP & Acroamatics are recognized industry leaders in providing high-quality, state-of-the-art aerospace telemetry products for flight test, missile, range safety, launch support and satellite command and control applications. 
  • They offer End-to-End Next Generation Solutions: Data Acquisition (including receivers, bit syncs and best source selectors), Data Transport & Distribution, Telemetry Data Processing & Display, Simulation & Test, as well as Data Recording. 
  • Together, these companies have introduced the industry to TMoIP, a correlating best source selector, 4-input diversity combiners and more. The newest tech includes a fully functional Range Modernization solution with options to move to virtual solutions.  
  • Other Delta Information Systems companies include Ampex Data Systems, Delta Digital Video, & Wideband Systems.



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  • GPS and Cesium Based Time and Frequency Distribution Systems
  • C/A,  P/Y and SAASM Based Receivers
  • IRIG Time Code Generators / Readers
  • Master Clock Systems and Time Displays
  • Extensive Board Level Timing Products Including PCI, cPCI, AMC, VME, PC104 PMC, VXI and ISA Cards with IRIG B and GPS Options
  • Telecom Network Synchronization Solutions
  • IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Solutions
  • “TimeSpy” Time Measurement Equipment
  • NTP/PTP Time Servers
  • Have Quick Readers
  • Range Timing Countdown Systems
  • Test Range Time Code Generator/Translator
  • GPS Fiber Optic Antenna Solution
  • Optical Time Code Generator
  • Video Time Code Inserters
  • Portable Timing Unit
  • Tactical Timing Unit
  • Custom Time and Frequency Solutions
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  • Industry leader in small form factor, credit card sized Single Board Computers, Software Defined Radios as well as Phased Array systems.
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  • slideshow1Rugged Military Grade Computer Systems
  • Rugged Military LCD Displays and Keyboards
  • Transit Case Definition and Integration Services
  • System Integration, Your Configuration, One Part Number
  • Industrial LCD Displays and Keyboards
  • Custom Computer Design and Manufacture
  • Custom  System Design – Enclosures, Computers,  LCD Displays, etc.
  • Portable Computer Systems
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified.  ITAR Compliant
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  • The ACRA Business Unit within Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics and Electronics (CWC-AE) has Over Two Decades Experience in Developing Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) Solutions Including Data Acquisition, Ethernet, Recording and Real-Time Ground Stations. ACRA’S Customers Include All of the Major Aerospace Prime Contractors and Test Agencies with Products Supplied to Over 300 Platforms in 40 Countries Worldwide.


  • The ACRA KAM-500 Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) is an Airborne Acquisition and Transmission System That Consists of a Chassis, a Back-Plane Controller and User Selected Modules.  This Highly Configurable System Enables Fully Customized Systems to be Built Using Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Products.  The ACRA KAM-500 DAU Achieves High Performance by Utilizing a 100% Digital Architecture to Support a Throughput of up to 64MBPS Per Unit, Aggregating up to a Gigabit Per Second Throughput for a Network Distributed System.  A Key Concept Behind the ACRA KMA-500 is “Any Module, Any Chassis, in Any Combination”.  Modules or Chassis Can be Added to the Systems or Individually Replaced.  There are Over a Hundred Modules and Variants Available and Chassis Can be Built with Any Mixture Of Modules to Meet the Specific Needs of a Program.


  • CWC-AE Develops Reliable High Performance Ethernet Interface Modules That Build Real Packets Instead of Simply Wrapping PCM Into a Packet Structure.  In Such a Network, Setup, Data Acquisition and Synchronization Occur Over a Single Ethernet Connection, Leading to Significant Saving in Wiring Complexity and Weight.  Ethernet Data from ACRA KAM-500 is Optimally Packetized for Ethernet Transmission and Recording but Can Also be Converted to Many Other Industry Standard Protocols.


  • CWC-AE Embraces Open Standards and Protocols for File Storage and for System Synchronization, Management and Configuration.  The Use of SATA, CF and PCAP, IRIG 106 Ch 4/10, Ensures Immediate Open Access to Data with a Huge User-Base for Support and Services.  CWC-AE Also Uses Standard Networking Protocols Such as the Simple Network Management Protocol (UDP) and the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).  XidML, and Open XML Metadata Standard for the Aerospace Community, Provides a Vendor-Neutral Hardware Configuration Platform That Describes How Data is Acquired, Processed and Packaged for Transmission, Storage or Reproduction.


  • ACRA Control has Proven Reliability and Performance on Launch Vehicle Application Such as United Launch Alliance’s Delta II and SpaceX’s Falcon 9.  Transmission Black-Out Resend are Handled by Black-Out Buffers to Ensure No Data is Lost on Launch or Re-Entry.


  • ACRA Control’s Technology is being Leveraged to Provide Compact, Radiation-Tolerant Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) for Distributed Installations on Satellites, Replacing the Concept of Centralized Data Acquisition Directly to the Main Computer.


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  • Delta Digital Video (DDV) emerged from a legacy of government consulting to become designers and manufacturers of innovative, world-class solutions for video compression and scan conversion products for the Military, Homeland Security, Distance Learning, and Broadcast markets.
  • They are committed to delivering the latest technology in low SWaP-C, MIL-qualified packages. Their mission is to continuously improve the delivery of high-quality, low latency, FMV to the warfighter
  • DDV’s expertise in these markets comes from its many years of supporting US government and industry efforts to develop standards for compressing, converting, streaming, and exploiting video in the applications it serves.
  • Other Delta Information Systems companies include Acroamatics, Ampex Data Systems, GDP, & Wideband Systems.
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  • World’s smallest data acquisition systems
  • Diversified Technical Systems specializes in rugged, miniature data acquisition systems and sensors for crash, blast and dynamic product testing.  DTS support critical testing in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, biomechanics, sports and military & defense
  • Manufacturing rugged test and measurement solutions for extreme environments is a DTS expertise. Customers rely on DTS data acquisition systems for applications like launching a rocket into space, crash testing a car into a wall at 35 mph or blast testing an MRAP to advance soldier safety . . . it’s all in a day’s work for DTS equipment.
  • Ultra-small, modular, rugged SLICE MICRO data acquisition systems are ideal for embedded test applications. Specs: Shock Rating: 500 g,  -40° to 60°C, IP68, MIL-STD-810G, Sampling: 10 sps to 500k sps/channel, progammable
  • SLICE MICRO supports a variety of external sensors, includes full signal conditioning and writes data directly to flash memory.
  • Miniature, modular, rugged SLICE NANO data acquisition systems are ideal for embedded test applications. Specs: Shock Rating: 500 g (5,000 g option available), -40° to 60°C, MIL-STD-810G. Sampling: 10 sps to 500k sps/channel, programmable
  • SLICE NANO supports a variety of external sensors, includes full signal conditioning and writes data directly to flash memory.



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  • slideshow2Hob Zone Certified # 4157
  • Composite Material Transit Cases for Shipping Sensitive Electronic Gear
  • Operational Style Cases Featuring 19″ Rack Mount Shock Mounted in a Transit Case
  • Compression Molded, Thermo Stamped and Rotationally Molded Cases
  • “Loadmaster” Series of Modular Interlocking Transit Cases
  • Carbon Fiber Cases
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R6 cabinet doors open

  • Electronic Racks to Meet Earthquake, EMI/RFI, FCC, Military (MIL-167, MIL-461, MIL-285, MIL-810 and MIL-901) Tempest (NSA 94-106), EMP and European EMC Requirements
  • NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 6 and 12 Enclosures
  • Seismic Zone 4 Qualified Cabinets (NEBS TR 63)
  • Modular Electronic Racks, Enclosures and Slope Front Consoles
  • Heavy Duty Cabinet Capable of Supporting Weight Up to 3,000 pounds
  • Challenger Series, Commercial Duty Cabinet
  • Bench Top Cabinets
  • Sub-Rack Assemblies
  • Custom Cabinets and Consoles


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T500GT T400XRT7070XL


  • Modems and Receivers
    RT Logic Modem and Receiver Products Support Standard and Custom Waveforms, as well as Extensive USB, SGLS, TDRS and TT&C Ranging Capabilities.
  • High Rate Data Processors
    RT Logic High Rate Data Processing Systems Solutions Process Standard CCSDS and Custom Streams, Archive, Replay and Distribute Real-Time Mission Data from Low Rate to Very High (Multi-GPS) Rates.
  • Recorders
    RT Logic Recording Systems Record and Replay the Most Critical Signals and Data Streams with Precise Timing and Channel-to-Channel Time Synchronization: Analog Baseband, IF, Digital Serial, IP Packets, and Timing Signals-from DC to Multi-GPS.
  • Network Multiplexer Edge Devices
  • Cyber Protection
    RT Logic Cyber C4 Represents the First Family of Cyber Protection Products Designed for Satellite Ground Networks.
  • Front-End Processors and Gateways
    Supporting Current and Legacy (Serial-Based) and Next Generation (All-IP-Based) Control Center Architectures, RT Offers both Hardware-Based and Software-Only Solutions.
  • RF Link Monitoring Systems
    RT Logic RF Monitoring Systems and Protection Capabilities Mitigate the Threats RF Links Can Suffer from Accidental Interference and Intentional Jamming.
  • RF Channel Simulators
    The RT Logic Channel Simulator is a Powerful Real Time Hardware-in-the-Loop or IF Communications Link Simulator Creating Physics-Accurate Signals with Characteristics such as Doppler Shift, Dynamic Time Delay, Multi-Path and Phase Offset.
  • Satellite and Missile Test Systems
    RT Logic’s Satellite and Missile Test Systems Fully Support RF, IF and Digital Baseband Testing of the Communications Subsystems of a Satellite or Missile.
  • Deployable SATCOM Data Transport Advanced High Volume/High Data Rate (HV/HDR) Solutions Support the Rapid Assured One-Way Transfer of very Large Amounts of Data via Satellite for Mission Critical Applications.
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  • Random, Sine, Shock Control, Time Domain Replication, automatic Time History Recording to Throughput using the VibControl software platform.
  • Dynamic Modal (impact and shaker), Acoustic, and Rotational acquisition and analysis using the m+p Analyzer software platform.
  • Vibration Monitoring/Limiting, Equipment Condition Monitoring, Strain, Temperature, and Stress measurements using the m+p CODA (Continuous Online Data Acquisition) platform.
  • In addition to m+p hardware, National Instruments and VTI/VXI hardware may be used with the Analyzer and CODA software platforms.
  • Custom Engineering and Solutions for all Dynamic Testing applications.

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  • Rugged and Secure Storage Systems
  • Custom Designs, Extreme Environments
  • Sea, Air and Space Applications
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The Home of  “Free Application Engineering Support” and “Never any NRE”

Products Manufactured by MU-DEL Include:

  • RF Amplifiers
  • Antenna Systems
  • RF Filters
  • Frequency Converters
  • Frequency Translators
  • Multiplexers
  • Multicouplers (Examples: HF and IF bands .001 to 100MHZ UHF and VHF bands 10 to 1, 500MHZ L, S, and C bands 800 to 8,000 MHZ Broadband, SHF and KU band 1 to 40, 000MHZ)
  • Power Panels
  • Radar Frequency Generators
  • Radar Receiver Synthesizers
  • RF Distribution Systems
  • RF Switch Matrix Systems
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  • Custom Antennas and Feeds
  • RF Solutions to 110 GHz
  • Antenna Testing


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  • Signal Conditioning Data Acquisition
  • Computer Automated Measurement
  • Civil, Aerospace, Military Testing
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RC300-200x56 R600A-200x102 R400-200x92 R200-200x36 R100-200x49

SEMCO’s Family of Telemetry Products Includes Rack Mount and Portable PC-based Telemetry Receiver Combiner Systems, Single/Multi-Channel Receivers, Receiver Modules, PCI Card Sets, Telemetry Signal Simulators, 70Mhz Multi-Mode Demodulators and Transmitters Spanning RF Frequencies from 70MHZ to 5250MHZ. These Products Support Legacy and Current Telemetry Requirements as well as Emerging Technologies and Requirements Embracing New RF Frequency Bands, Spectrum-Efficient Modulation Formats, Local and Network Control and Telemetry Data Processing.

PC-Based Telemetry Receivers

  • SEMCO’s PC-Based Telemetry Receivers Include Rack-Mount 6U, 4U, 2U and 1U Dual and Quad Channel Receiver Combiner Systems, as well as Single and Multi-Channel Receiver Configurations. PC-Based Portable Systems and Telemetry Card Sets for Installation in a Customer’s PC Chassis are also Available.  Frequency Coverage from 70 MHz to 5250 MHz, the Latest Demodulator Formats, Unprecedented Data Rate Capabilities in Applicable Formats from as low as 1 kBPS to 40MBPS, Proven Reliability, Maintainability and Ease-of-Use, Remote (Network) and Local Controls and Advanced Features Embracing Advanced Technologies Such as Adaptive Equalization and Data Quality Encapsulation.

Telemetry Signal Simulators

  • SEMCO’s Telemetry Signal Simulators are Provided in Both 2U Rack-Mount and Portable, Ruggedized Battery Powered Configurations.  These Simulators are Designed for Pre-Mission Checkout of a Telemetry Ground Station, as well as for Telemetry Receiver Calibration and Maintenance Testing.  The Simulator Provides an Internally Generated Pseudo-Random PCM Code Generator, User-Selectable Multi-Mode Modulator, Calibrated Single and Dual RF Outputs, Embedded Bit Synchronizer and Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT).  The RF Output Frequency Range Includes Frequency Bands from 200 MHz to 5250 MHz.  Modulation Formats Include PCM/FM, NTSC Composite Video, PM, BPSK, QPSK, Tier I SOQPSK-TG and Tier II Multi-h CPM.  The External Modulation Feature Allows for Use-Provided Signal and Test Patterns as well as Binary File Playback Capability Using Pre-Recorded Mission Data.  Dynamic Combiner Performance Testing Capability Provides for User-Selectable Phase Shifts and CH1/CH2 Signal Level Shifting (Fade) at User-Selectable Fade Rates.

Multi-Mode Demodulators

  • 70 MHz Multi-Mode Demodulators.  SEMCO’s DM200 Series Products are Multi-Mode Demodulators in a Rack-Mount 2U System Configuration.  The DM200 Accepts a Modulated 70 MHz Input and Provides the Latest Demodulator Formats and Unprecedented Data Rate Capabilities in Applicable Formats from as low as 1 kBPS and up to 40 MBPS.  The DM200 Series Demodulator has Proven Reliability and Maintainability Track Record and is Known for its Ease-of-Use in Both Remote (Network) and Local Control.  Advanced Features Include Leading Edge Technologies Such as Adaptive Equalization and Data Quality Encapsulation.  The DM200 is an Excellent Way to Support all of the Latest Demodulator Formats Using the 70 MHz IF Outputs of Legacy Telemetry Receivers.  Front Panel Touch Screen Controls, Eye Pattern, Constellation and Spectral Sweep Displays, as well as Local and Remote (Network) PC Control are Standard.  Both Dual and Quad Channel Configurations are Available.

Telemetry Repeaters

  • Telemetry Repeater.  SEMCO’s TRT400 Telemetry Repeater is a Custom Product Developed and Produced for Specific Applications Requiring the Reception and Re-Transmission of Telemetry Data That Emanates from a Test Vehicle That is Either out of Range of the Target Receiving Station, or Physically Blocked from the Ability to Transmit and Receive the Data.  Typical Applications Include Overcoming Physical RF Blocks Such as High Rise Buildings or Mountainous Terrain.  SEMCO’s Telemetry Repeater Consist of one of the Company’s 1U, 2U or 4U receivers, a 5, 10 or 20 watt Telemetry Transmitter and an Antenna Configuration That is Determined by Link Margin Analysis and the Repeater Plan for Use.  All components are Packaged in a Ruggedized, Portable Enclosure.

Telemetry KVM and Displays

  • SEMCO Provides for Local Control of Multiple Receivers with a Folding 1U KVM, Display, Keyboard and Touch-Pad Controls.  This Device Controls and Switches up to 8 PC-Based Receiving Systems, with Independent Slide-Out Keyboard and Display for Both Fixed and Portable Telemetry Receiver Installations/  It’s TFT LCD Provides High Resolution Display of Each Selected Receiver GUI.  An Optional USB I/O Cable Set is Also Available.

Automated Telemetry Test Systems

  • Automated Telemetry Test Systems.  SEMCO Provides a Fully-Configured Automated Telemetry Test System That Complies Completely with IRIG 118 Standards for Telemetry Receiver Testing.   The System is a Fully Automated Tester for Both Dual Channel and Quad Channel Receiver Combiner Systems.  Controlled by a LabView Software Program, the System Takes Advantage of the Serial COM Port Communications Interface in all of SEMCO”S Receiver Products to be able to Automatically Control and Set Up the Receiver Parameters Required for Each Test.  A Full Test Data Record (TDR) is Printed Out at the End of the Test, Providing the Test Operator with a Review of the Actual Measurements Taken in Each Test and the PASS-FAIL Status of Those Tests.





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  • RF/Fiber for Comms, Satellite, GPS
  • Long Distance Low Loss Transport
  • Lossless One-to-Many Distribution
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  • Fiber, Wired and Wireless Test
  • Commercial, Avionics, EW Systems
  • Communications Quality Analytics
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Zodiac Data Systems Designs and Manufacturers From Stand Alone Products to Complete Turnkey Solutions for Critical Space Applications Such as Earth Observation Missions,  Science Payload Reception from Deep Space Probes or Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites or In-Orbit Control During Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and Housekeeping Operations For All Satellites (LEO, MEO, GEO, etc.).

Cortex CRT-Q: Command/Ranging/Telemetry
Main Features Include:

  • 70MHz Intermediate Frequency
  • Direct IF Sampling and Full Digital Processing
  • Telemetry Processing of Direct PCM Direct w/o Sub-Carrier
  • CCSDS Telecommanding with COP-1 Layer Processing
  • Ranging Measurements (ESA, ESA-LIKE, USB….etc)
  • Doppler Estimation
  • Spread Spectrum Processing for TM, TC and Ranging
  • Space Link Extension (SLE)

Cortex CRT_1

Cortex DS-Cortex Deep Space
Main Features Include:

  • All in One box from Telemetry to Full Mode (TM/TC & Ranging)
  • Same Capabilities as XL Extended for Long Range and Deep Space Needs
  • Specific Hardware Design for Deep Space Requirement
  • Very Low Phase Noise
  • Direct 70MHz IF Sampling & Full Digital Signal Processing
  • All Modulation Schemes
  • Doppler Estimation & Compensation
  • Full Support of Viterbi, RS, Turbo Code (all ratio) and LDPC 1/2
  • 2nd or 3rd Order PLL for Doppler Processing
  • Space Link Extension (SLE)

Cortex DS_1

Cortex HDR-XXL- High Rate Data Receiver
Main Features Include:

  • Up to 2 Gbps Transmission Rate (Contact Factory for Higher Data Rates)
  • 720 MHz and 1.2 GHz IF
  • Dual 720 MHz IF Baseline H/W (Two Independent Demodulation Units)
  • QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 16QAM Demodulator & Bitsync
  • Digital Filtering and Signal Equalization
  • Convolutional and Post-Processing Decoding
  • Telemetry Data Server with Very High Speed Recording, Real Time Output and Store and Forward Capabilities
  • Built-in Constellation Viewer & Spectrum Analyzer
  • Test Modulation Capabilities, Including PRN Generation and Recorded Data Playback
  • Advanced Decoders such as LDPC 7/8 and AR4JA and 4D-TCM-8PSK
  • Auto Adaptive Equalization for Complete Transmission Path Optimization
  • One Box Solution for Dual Channel Demodulation Plus FEP